Children under 18

Accommodations for children

You will first be accommodated at the nearest Regional Centre, a facility managed by the General Inspectorate for Immigration

Regional CentresSee the map with all the Regional Centres

You cannot choose the centre where you would like to stay. This is because Romania distributes asylum-seekers between all Regional Centres to ensure that asylum applicationscan be processed as quickly as possible. It is therefore possible that soon after arrival you are moved to another centre within Romania, in a different city and region. Several NGOs are working in each centre and can provide you with information, counselling and assistance. 

The centre to which you have been assigned is the only one responsible for analysing your asylum application.

However, depending on your age, you may be soon accommodated in a special centre where only children and adolescents live. Irrespective of where you are staying, you will have to respect certain rules which are there to ensure your safety, not to restrict you. If you have any particular needs or have any issues with the other adults/children accommodated there, you should not be afraid to discuss them with your legal representative, GII/IGI or an NGO. Keep in mind that your safety is the most important thing. 

  I am under 16 years old 

Accomodation for minors under 16 years old

If you are under 16 years old and there are no family members with you, you will be accommodated in a special centre for children and adolescents. The Director of this centre will be responsible for your security and wellbeing while you are there. However, another person might continue to represent you at the asylum interview and other steps of the asylum procedure. In special circumstances, you may remain at the Regional Centre even if you are below the age of 16, for example if you are with older siblings or other relatives who can take care of you in a proper way. 

  I am over 16 years old

Accomodation for minors over 16 years old

If you are over the age of 16 and there are no family members with you, you can choose to remain at the Regional Centre or move to a special centre for children and adolescents. You may read here some general information about living in a Regional Centre.

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